Pune Yaoshang Thabal 2017 by AMAND, Pune


The Association of Manipuri Diaspora (AMAND) Pune is a registered non-government,
non-profit community organization formed by working as well as retired Manipuri
professionals in and around Pune. As a part of its traditional & cultural program, AMAND
Pune organized its annual Yaoshang Thabal 2017 (Moonlight dance) on Yaoshang day,
Sunday the 12th March 2017 at the Vidyanchal Sports Academy, Aundh, Pune.
This unique age old traditional cultural folk dance on the eve of Yaoshang will help not
only in promoting our rich cultural heritage but also in fostering the spirit of unity & coexistence amongst the Manipuri diasporas in this city- a home very far from home. This
event was attended by about 300 students and about 100 Manipuri families living in and
around Pune. Some guest families from Mumbai Manipuri Association, Mumbai and
many non-Manipuris from the city also joined us to celebrate this traditional cultural

Mous (married ladies) wore traditional Phanek Mapal naiba with Wangkhei phi and most
of the leishabis (girls) wore phanek. Some boys and girls also came in traditional attires
and enjoyed the traditional folk dance. A panel of anonymous judges identified the most
graceful traditional Thabal dancers in various categories during the Thabal which was
announced at the end of the program.

Manipuri food stalls were set up at the venue and served the audience with Manipuri
cuisines like Singju, Bora, Kelichana, Fola, Chakhao Kheer, Aloo chhak, kwa, etc.
The Yaoshang Thabal 2017 was a grand success and was appreciated by all. The
attendees also reaffirmed to celebrate the occasion every year with the same spirit and
vigour. This event was well coordinated by Mr. I. Jiten Singh, Cutural Secretary & Mr. Y
Sanjoy Singh, Sports Secretary, AMAND, Pune.

AMAND Pune also highly acknowledges Mr. Y. Sanjoy Singh for sponsoring the music
& sound system for this event.

The program of the day was concluded by presenting various encouragement prizes
sponsored by Mr. Th. Premkanta Singh, Mr. I. Jiten Singh & Mr. S. Sonamani Singh to
the best performers followed by a note of sincere thanks and profound appreciation by Dr.
H. Narendra Singh, Vice President, AMAND, Pune to all the generous donors, sponsors
and attendees.

(N. Giridhar Singh)
General Secretary

CLICK HERE to visit the photos.


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