Inviting mobile app innovators from South-Asia to apply for mBillionth Award 2017


Award Categories – 2017
– Early Stage Projects [Started after 01 January, 2016]
– Health & Well Being: medical care, sport, lifestyle
– Culture & Tourism: heritage, travel, subcultures
– Government & Citizen Engagement: services, open data, democratic participation
– Media & Entertainment: News & Journalism, entertainment, Games
– Business & Commerce: innovative services, security, finance, marketing
– Learning & Education: knowledge, science, skills
– Agriculture & Environment: climate, sustainable resources, green energy
– Inclusion & Empowerment: diversity, gender, justice, human rights, accessibility
– Smart Settlements & Urbanization: mobility, productive work, sustainable living

Evaluation Criteria 2017
Content & Services: Quantify the quality of content and services delivery, relevance of content and its utility value
Impact & Sustainability: The social impact & the commercial viability of the application/product.
Functionality/Navigation: User friendliness & interactive nature of the application & its features.
Interface & Visual Design: Usability as well as the Design of applications and devices having larger user preference, aesthetic value with multimedia.
USP & Strategic Value: Uniqueness of the idea & the easiness of strategy replication.
Execution & Implementation: Procedures of carrying out & executing the innovation, idea according to the market demand.
Accessibility: Cost effectiveness matching social and economic capital of different user groups with diverse needs in different income brackets.
Overall Experience: The user base & overall user experience regarding the application/content.

How to Apply



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