Irom Sharmila and Desmond Coutinho getting married: Wedding ceremony to be held in Kerala

Sharmila’s humiliating defeat, then, is certainly not a question of Manipuris ceasing to respect her or not being grateful for her superhuman contribution to their struggle. Express photo

Madurai, May 2: Manipur’s Iron lady Irom Sharmila is getting married. British citizen Desmond Coutinho is the groom. Now Irom Sharmila is back in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. They both want their marriage to be held in Kerala.

Desmond Coutinho

Irom Sharmila and Desmond Coutinho have been in love for the last eight years. Coutinho heard about Irom years ago, when he was in Bangalore. Later they met and fell in love. But, in the midst of her fight for the people of Manipur, Irom did not think of a marriage.

But the failure in the recent elections had isolated her. Irom came to Kerala to find relief from the pain of being rejected by her own people of Manipur. She returned to her home for getting passport to go abroad, as Coutinho is in Britain. But the authorities did not approve to give her a Passport.

So, they decided to get married in India. Now Irom Sharmila is in Madurai. The groom has also reached Madurai. Both of them had together decided that they would come to Kerala for getting married. But they did not reveal the date of the marriage yet. However, Malayalees who love Irom are so happy that Kerala will be hosting the wedding.

Source: India Live Today


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