Joykisan claims BJP offered money to lure Cong MLAs


IMPHAL: Reacting sharply against the recent activities of BJP government in luring Congress MLAs into its fold, MPCC spokesperson MLA Khumukcham Joykisan Wednesday dubbed BJP as a corrupt party trying to dupe the public with its supposedly anti-corruption stance.

Addressing media persons at Congress Bhawan here, Joykisan asserted that the BJP led government, which pledged to root out corruption from the state, is indulging in corrupt practices by luring in more MLAs from Congress with various offers. Even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his only religion is the Constitution of India, his followers
in the state are acting against his ideologies.

In the state, the party is openly violating the 10th Schedule of the Constitution of India by luring in more MLAs from other parties and it is time to consider how the party is violating the very constitution that binds the governance of the country, the MLA said.

He disclosed that a delegation of MPCC would soon visit Delhi  and discuss the matter with AICC leaders for mounting pressure in the upcoming session of the parliament to book such defectors. Presidents of the supporting parties will also be urged to make the anti-defection law more stringent. Though one could leave his party and join another as per his ideologies,
violation of the constitution is unacceptable, Joykisan said while hailing Chief Minister Biren’s action of resigning from Congress party and his membership from the state assembly before joining BJP as the right step.

He further questioned how the administration would function if the lawmakers violate the laws. Welcoming the decision of the state government to entrust CBI for investigation into corrupt cases in Manipur Development Society (MDS), the MLA said that Congress party will
happily welcome any move of the BJP government to fight corruption. He, however, demanded the BJP government to clarify the reason for entrusting CBI for the matter and who are the persons to be investigated about in order to maintain transparency.

On the other hand, BJP is now remaining silent over the much hyped Loktak scam despite making it an issue before the 2014 Lok Sabha and 2017 state assembly elections, he said, and demanded the BJP government to clarify the matter to the public.

At the same time, people also want to know the follow up procedures of the CCTV camera scam investigation since the committee was supposed to submit its report within 15 days
and it has been more than one month since the committee was entrusted for the investigation, he added.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


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