ICDS officer renovates Govt office with own source


CCPUR: A wind of change is blowing here in the office of Churachandpur unit of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). The newly posted officer has put in money from her own pocket to give the dilapidated district ICDS office a new look while stressing on ethical work culture among government employees.

On June 20, the newly posted Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Helen Lallienmawi formally took charge at ICDS office located at Chiengkonpang along Tipaimukh road. Helen has been in the service for the past 23 years and she has served in various parts of Manipur. Her posting here has been a welcome change not just from the official point of view but for the public.

“Earlier, the office of ICDS used to exist for namesake only with few staff coming for work as and when they like. But, even before Helen formally took charge, things have changed for the better and the office got a new and refreshing look now and staff are reporting back to work,” a concerned citizen who at-tended the formal opening of the office said.

Helen reportedly got her transfer order on June 1 and submitted her joining letter on June 5. However, the ICDS centre had not been utilised since a long time and was in a really bad shape and need urgent renovation.

Instead of waiting for the government, Helen and her family members immediately got down to work. For the last two weeks, she and her family members painted the office walls, cleaned the webs and floors, laid a new carpet besides other necessary things. Sources said that Helen’s predecessor used to stay in the state capital and was “not really concerned” about attending the office.

In the officer’s absence, the office was reduced to a dingy area with dust and spider webs everywhere. During the formal joining ritual, Helen said that attendance record of staff will be maintained properly and every staff will have to sign the register daily.

With this transformation, the ICDS office in Churachandpur has become one of the best maintained offices in the district. Though humbled by the appreciation from fellow citizens, she has not revealed exactly how much money was spent to renovate the office.

“The common problem with most government offices in Churachandpur is that many officials have the impression that it is below their dignity to get down and clean up their work places. So, minor repair works or renovation of their work space is out of the question.

As such, many offices are in dilapidated state. I hope that others will follow the footsteps of Helen in this direction. We need tidy and well-maintained offices so that public could visit without any hesitation,” said social activist
T Zote.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


  1. Employees in Manipur has much to learn about work culture. Sometimes hearing such noble acts make me belief that, all Manipur govt. employees are not termites, after all; atleast some ladies and gentlemen too are there !


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