Unpaid RIMS faculties mull class boycott stir


IMPHAL: Regardless of the state government recently announcing a slew of people-friendly programmes, including free dialysis service for the economically underprivileged section of the society, non-release of salary for May month to the faculty members even as June is nearing completion is threatening to derail the academic activities of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS).

Apart from inordinate delay in releasing the monthly entitlement, RIMS hospital is staring at strong possibility of authorised agencies ceasing supply of basic medicines and other materials of daily requirements.

According to a source, peeved faculty members under the banner of RIMS Teachers and Medical Officers’ Association convened an emergency meeting on Saturday to deliberate issues related to non-release of their salary for the month of May.

Those present at the meeting consequently resolved to abstain from taking classes in case RIMS authorities do not release the pending salary before June ends.

Another decision that the peeved faculty members adopted in-principle during the meeting was that a medical professional who meets prescribed criteria should be appointed as the director of RIMS.

The opined that inability to even ensure regular payment of staffers’ salaries tantamount to betraying frequent claims about upgrading RIMS to the level of AIIM.

It further cautioned that development of the medical institute in the state cannot be expected when release of monthly salary cannot be ensured to its 1721 regular and 358 contract basis employees.

Interestingly, a notice circulated on June 5 by the director in-charge Prof H Nabachandra is informed to have mentioned that owing to certain ‘technical problem’ in releasing the grant-in-aid from the Ministry of health and family welfare, the release of employees’ salary for May 2017 might be delayed.

In-spite of the said notice, those present at the emergency meeting opined that there is no justification for the delay in releasing the May salary as the Union government had sanctioned adequate amount on February 9, the source disclosed, adding that the sanctioned amount included grant in-aid of Rs 48.57 crore for salary, Rs 12.64 crore for capital asset and Rs 9.86 crore for general expenditure.

Considering the fact that payment of a month’s salary to both regular and contract-basis employees tallies to around Rs 12 crore the grant in-aid for salary is sufficient for four months, the source contended, while challenging the notification citing technical reason for the possible delay in releasing the May salary.

The source also observed that regardless of officiating director RK Dinesh undertaking various measures to streamline the administration, the institute’s failure to meet the salary requirement, delay in clearing contractors’ work bill and firms reluctant to continue supplying of basic medicines and materials merit thorough investigation by a competent agency to find out the root causes of deterring development of the institute.

Source: The People’s Chornicle


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