Road constructed over agri land Justice Kh Nobin seeks Govt’s attention


IMPHAL, Jun 11 : Manipur High Court Justice Khwairakpam Nobin today said that the road constructed over his agricultural land located adjacent to Sekmai river will be blocked if the State Government fails to take up concrete decision on the issue within 2 weeks.

The road which covers the agricultural land of Justice Khwairakpam Nobin was reportedly constructed without his knowledge.

Speaking to reporters at his Sekmai residence today, Khwairakpam Nobin said, “Nine years ago, I was working as the Standing Counsel of the Supreme Court in Delhi. During that time, severe flooding occurred and Sekmai river water overflowed along its adjacent road located just next to my agricultural land.”

After the construction of bridge over the Sekmai river, the State Government instead of repairing the previous road constructed a new road which covered his land without consulting him, he added.

“I’ve kept quiet all these years thinking it might affect the commuters. I had even submitted a written request to the then Works Minister between 2012-2013 to repair the old road so that I can start utilizing my land for development purposes. The new State Government should take up concrete decision on the matter within 2 weeks or else I will be compelled to block the road,” he added.

Source: The Sangai Express


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