Billboard of BJP with MPCC president goes viral on social media; TN Haokip looks forward for legal action, says one cannot be for given by his ‘sorry’ after raping a woman


Imphal, July 23: A billboard advertisement for BJP’ s executive committee meeting which was held today at Classic Grande conference Hall, which have Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee(MPCC) President, TN Haokip’ s photo has gone viral in social media spreading rumours about his joining to the BJP.

In a hurriedly convened press conference held today at Congress Bhavan today afternoon, the MPCC President, TN Haokip said that his party will initiate legal action against the action which had maligned his and his party’ s image.

“My personal integrity is not for sale” the MPCC president sent strong message to BJP during the press conference.

In a Facebook post, Media Co-ordinator to the Chief Minister of Manipur L. Bashanta Sharma had tender apology saying that the Billboard with TN Haokip’ s photo was a mistake and the proprietor of Sharma Enterprises which installed the billboard had issued an apology letter . However , the matter doesn’ t end there. TN Haokip said how can a person be forgiven for raping a woman for he said sorry .

“One can’t say he is sorry after raping a woman”, TN Haokip said. He further said that the act not only tarnished his image but also that of the party and the matter will not be taken lightly.

The matter will be taken to the court of law and a case will be registered at cybercrime department of the state. After the photo went viral on social media, T N Haokip had earlier tweeted the spread of the photo is the political propaganda of BJP . TN Haokip alleged that during his time as Speaker in the year 2002, he was offered huge sum of money by the BJP.

He further said that the propaganda now going viral is very unfortunate and is an act directed not only against him but against the MPCC, Congress all over India and its people. He further stated that MPCC is a cohesive force and is very much alive unlike BJP . He promised that he will remain as a member of the MPCC for all his political life and career he said.

Meanwhile there has been news of a Sharma Enterprises, Wangkhei Pukhrambam Leirak clarifying and taking responsibilities of the poster that is going viral, stating that it was a grave mistake from their side. When asked by Imphal Times whether they will file suit against BJP or Sharma Enterprises, TN Haokip said that MPCC will have a meeting later to decide the matter. It may be noted that TN Haokip doesn’t rule out involvement of BJP Manipur saying there may be a conspiracy .

“The longer BJP stay the more damage to Indian society and to the Manipuri fabric society” he alleged further saying BJPs are expert in creating confusion for political gain.

The press conference was attended by N. Loken Singh, MLA Nambol, VP MPCC and K. Ranjit Singh, MLA Sugnu, Treasurer MPCC, Former Speaker Th. Lokeshwar among other officials of the MPCC.

Source: Imphal Times


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