Dengue and Japanese Encephalitis cases ! Avoiding mosquito bites best bet : Health officials


CCpur, July 19 2017: State health officials have today called for collective efforts of people from all walks of life to contain the outbreak of Dengue and Japanese Encephalitis in the State asserting that there is no cure for these mosquito borne diseases .

Inviting the public to be mindful of any possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes in and around their localities, experts from the Health Department while briefing local reporters at the BRGF Hall in DC Office Churachandpur said the best way to fight the diseases will be to contain the growth of mosquitoes in and around human habitation .

Any attempt to eliminate the mosquito population responsible for spreading the tropical diseases will not just be a futile effort but will inflict much harm to the environment.

Protection of oneself from mosquito bites will be the next best thing but to really nib the diseases in the bud, public vigilance on possible breeding sites and clearing them up may go a long way in preventing the diseases and their recurrences, according to the experts .

It is in this backdrop that Health Department is reluctant to conduct total fogging exercises in the towns and in the State capital despite repeated demands.

These they are afraid will not be worth the efforts.

Fumigation after all is not very effective, requires many technical knowledge for its application that are often ignored and at best kills just the adult mosquitoes and not the larvae.

They are mere tools to bring down their numbers and only temporarily .

Ayush however provides a silver lining in the treatment as Doctors from the alternative system of medicine maintains that their Belladonna 200 is a proven medication for Dengue and JE with no side effects .

The State Directorate of Ayush had promised to provide any number of the medication for Churachandpur during their visit yesterday and it is just a matter of days before they start giving out the medicine said State Health Director Dr K Lokendro Singh who led a team of health experts to brief local reporters here.

Churachandpur incidentally shares 92 percent of the Dengue cases in the State which now stands at 41.Out of the 36 cases of JE in the State, 52 percent are again from the district .

There are no reports of fatality from Dengue but JE has recorded two deaths with one each at Thoubal and Churachandpur .

Incidentally the State authorities have for the first time conducted multiple tests on patients following their experiences at the ground level in the district and discovered that at least 11 patients are now co-positive with both Dengue and JE.

A woman from Santing village was even diagnosed with the triple virus of Malaria, Dengue and JE.

She according to the health officials was recovering very well though still under treatment .

According to Professor Dr Lokeshwar Singh, Paracetamol is the desirable medication for the diseases as other compositions can easily lead to complication .

Lack of health care facilities in the interior areas where the people are very poor and ignorant is another case put forward by the experts for such an outbreak.

A visit by medical teams at least once in three months to sensitise the people there, if not to permanently post them, would be of immense advantage to contain an outbreak, according to Dr Sashi .

At the local level, the district health authorities have instituted a Rapid Action Team to enable prompt and effective response and accordingly they have conducted public announcements, fumigation and distributes the Ayush medication at every locality where the diseases have been reported.

Source: The Sangai Express


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