Another disease outbreak in CCpur, 41 students taken ill


CCpur, August 18 2017: The outbreak of viral diseases in Churachandpur district continues unabated as almost half of the students in a Church-run elementary school at Kangkap village under Singngat AC have reportedly taken ill and are missing their classes.

About 41 of the one-hundred plus students at Convention English School in the village have reportedly sought leave as a result of the outbreak that appeared sometime last week.

The ailing children have mostly complained of losing appetite, nausea, stomach ache and fever, said a source.

A medical team comprising of 2 doctors and 4 paramedics who have been deputed to the village on Thursday, returned today after attending to about 120 villagers.

The District Epidemiologist John Baite in his report maintained that blood samples of 6 patients from the village have been collected by the team to conduct tests for Dengue and JE.

He also claimed that the most common signs and symptoms witnessed from the 45 people with cases of illness are fever, headache and dry cough.

The cases of fever ensued following a heavy downpour and no death of fowls or other domesticated animals have been reported, it said.

The report also cited spring water as the major source of drinking water for the village but sequentially maintained that they are boiled.

Kangkap, which is located at about 84 kms from the district headquarters, have also endured the brunt of Cyclone Mora with 9 houses in the village reportedly razed beyond repair.

Meanwhile, CMO, Churachandpur Dr. Kim Simte said that all the four blood samples collected from Tonglon T, a village located under Singngat AC, on August 7 have returned negative for Dengue and JE.

Nearly 200 people, except for few, who evacuated from Hanglep area due to the outbreak of the viral diseases in July have returned to their respective villages, reports our correspondent.

Source: The Sangai Express


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