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Bitten by JE, Dengue, CCpur on mission ‘Swachh’

CCpur, August 05 2017: Stung by exceptionally high cases of epidemiologic diseases involving at least two deadly mosquito borne viruses – Dengue and JE at Churachandpur town today embarked on a massive cleanliness drive as part of the District Water and Sanitation Committee’s drive towards ‘Swachh Bharat.’

About 10,000 volunteers cutting across age, gender and affiliations responded to the call of the district administration to clean up the town that had been choked and clogged with litters and filth.

The cleaning exercise that was segmented in four sectors with the Deputy Commissioner, the Superintendent of Police, the CEO ADCC, and the District Forest Officer separately leading each of the segment, started early with an impressive turn-out already observed by 6 am .

Commending the local civil society and philanthropic organisations, village authorities, Government officials and the public for their active participation in today’s cleanliness drive, Deputy Commissioner Shyam Lal Poonia said the co-operation of the public is quite commendable and exemplary in the Swachh Bharat Mission .

Understandably, the huge turn-out of the public to clean their locality today triggered jams in some of the busiest stretches for hours.

In some areas where there were massive mud deposits, men and excavators continued to work through the day in order to open-up the clogged drains .

In a statement issued later today, the Deputy Commissioner who is also the Chairman of DWSC expressed his desire to sustain the mission and invite the public for their constant support .

‘The initiative will be sustained for which constant public support and sense of belongingness among the citizens is a must.

It is our collective responsibility to keep our surroundings clean which will help us in eradicating the source of several serious ailments,’ he wrote, adding ‘I humbly appeal to the public to put in concerted efforts to make our town a safer, cleaner and better place to live in.’
A mass social work to clean-up the town had been a common event in the 80s and till mid 90s with philanthropic organisations always at the forefront of the exercise, recollected a senior resident of the town who identified himself as Ruata .

He added, “of late such social work has dwindled and the public sense of responsibilities seems to have plummeted as well.

The initiative taken up by the district administration today is praiseworthy and offers opportunities for the people to restore its magnificent past” .

Source: The Sangai Express



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