Nagaland: Dr Shurhozelie speaks out


NPF President and Former Chief Minister, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Monday categorically termed the present crisis between the Naga People’s Front party and the expelled and suspended NPF MLAs as “just mere challenge to all party leaders and workers to test their integrity and principles towards the party.”

Addressing the Central Office Bearers here at Party Central Headquarters, Dr. Shürhozelie said that this is the “time the party leaders to prove their faithfulness and dedication towards the party and also to prove their leadership quality to their followers at the grassroots level.”

“It is the party leader’s responsibility to educate the masses about how the present crisis has happened and the reality behind how Indian Constitution and even for that matter our own party Constitution have been defiled and abused by dissidents,” Dr. Shürhozelie stated.

The NPF President also observed that “some party leaders went away to the rebel group either misguided or through monetary lure but the party is intact and the law is on the side of the party” and reminded that the party should be prepared for the coming 2018 election and send the best candidates to represent the party.

Urging the central office bearers, Dr. Shürhozelie said that, the COB is the body to speak the truth and move with the truth.

“Let not the rebel group confuse the people with their lies as in no record the expelled and suspended MLA can appoint an Interim President”, he said adding, “there is no such Interim President post mentioned in the NPF constitution”.

The Former Chief Minister also said that TR Government today has turned from opposition-less to party-less Government and if the state Governor, PB Acharya who is supposed to be the constitutional head of the state, allows TR Government to continue, it is for the people of the country to think over and judge the actions of the Governor, he added.

Reminding the present unconstitutional TR Government, Dr. Shürhozelie said everything was pre-planned and done with lightning speed, but as far as NPF is concerned, the party will not recognize all these childish games and will continue to put across the views to the people of this country which is the largest democracy in the world.

He termed TR government as unconstitutional which grossly violated the democratic system and never heard of in the history of India since Independence since he had failed to correct the aberration committed by the Speaker in the Assembly when he, the Speaker accepted TR Zeliang’s Whip ignoring the official whip of the NPF Party.

Nothing of this sort would have happened in the history of Nagaland had it not been masterminded by Zeliang and Rio along with state Governor, PB Acharya, BJP Nagaland incharge, Ram Madhav and North East Democratic Alliance Chairman, Himanto Biswas to hijack the NPF government into BJP, he said.

Commenting on the chief whip, Dr. Shürhozelie explained that in no history of the political party, a chief whip was appointed by the legislators.

The NPF party had appointed MLA, Kiyaneilie Peseyie as the party whip on 14th November 2014 and the NLA speaker also gave its recognition and notified the appointment on 15th November 2014 and the same copies were dispatched to all the Assembly Secretariats in the country and even to the Election Commission of India.

Therefore, Dr. Shürhozelie said the present Speaker being the brother in law of TR Zeliang cannot misuse the office of the speaker and termed it as so unbecoming of a Speaker.
The Speaker should act above any political parties in his office, he added.

Dr. Shürhozelie urged the party leaders not to be misguided as all the necessary information is with the court and the issue will be decided by the court.

MP Rajya Sabha, KG Kenye in his speech termed the present tussle as a good sign as every leader is eyeing the NPF party. He also said that in 15 years of NPF in power, “all kinds of people have been accommodated into the party fold and the present crisis is the right time to filter out the unwanted leaders.”

The present crisis maybe a blessing in disguise, Kenye said adding that the “good ones will remain in the party whereas people with ulterior motives would be driven away for good.”
The MP also reminded the party leaders that the rebel MLAs have nothing on their side but “adjournment of the court hearings and survive till the next announcement of the election but once the court gives its verdict, everything will become crystal clear.”

Issued by
Media & Press Bureau,
Naga People’s Front, Central Headquarters,
Kohima: Nagaland

This Press Release was sent by NPF Bureau, who can be contacted at npfpressbureau(at)rediffmail(dot).com.


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