Nagaland: Neiphiu Rio assigning himself as Interim President and now President of the NPF party as a mockery and to confuse the people


Office of the
8th Western Angami A/C
Naga people’s Front,
Kohima Nagaland.

Kohima, Aug 21: The DAN Chairman, Kuzholuzo Nienu MLA on Monday categorically termed Neiphiu Rio assigning himself as Interim President and now President of the NPF party as just a mockery and to confuse the people.

He said that in any Christian Church, an expelled/suspended member of the Church cannot demand that the Pastor to step down and proclaim himself to be the Pastor, nor he can demand the Pastor to hand over the Church keys or its belongings to him, the expelled member.

Addressing the party leaders of the 8th Western Angami A/C at the its office, the DAN Chairman said that Neiphiu Rio is not only confusing the people but making a mockery of himself before the society.

He questioned how can an expelled/suspended member of the NPF direct its legitimate president, Dr. Shürhozelie to step down and demand that the NPF properties be handed over to them.

Terming the recent dismissal of the SLP by the Supreme Court as nothing stating that it was a petition filed against the Governor for summoning an emergent Assembly session, the MLA said that since the Assembly was also already conducted therefore the judgement of the SC does not hold any valid point. He said that the main issue which now lies in the Court is the recognition of Kiyanilie Whip or TR’s Whip.

Therefore, urging the party leaders Neinu expressed optimism that Supreme Court will uphold the Constitution of India in true spirit and deliver its verdict soon. He said if the SC announces its verdict according to the law provided under the Constitution of India, the Rio & TR group have nowhere to escape but their only weapon is to play delay tactics with the Court hearings and rule the state unconstitutionally.

However, the DAN Chairman said that if the expelled/suspended rival NPF MLAs manage to purchase the Court with their mighty account and the judgement is not delivered to the Naga people under the provision of the Indian Constitution, the Indian Government should keep in mind to set the Naga people free and let the Naga people have its own constitution, he added.

Commenting on the action of the suspended and expelled NPF MLAs of the Rio/TR group to destabilize the party, the MLA said that since they are suspended and expelled from the party they have freedom to merge with any party, the NPF have set them free. They cannot go on repeating to claim themselves as

the NPF MLAs and confuse the Naga people, he added.

The DAN Chairman expounding on some run-away party workers and joining the rival camp said that the party workers are not purchasable commodities and urged party functionaries to maintain their integrity and principles towards the party. “If we are purchased today, where will be our respect tomorrow”, he said adding that even the concerned persons who purchase us will not have trust on us but will use us for a time-bound period.

The MLA also said that no force can pull down the NPF in the coming 2018 election and called upon the party workers to be prepared and send the best candidates for the coming election and serve the party and the people in true spirit.

Also speaking on the occasion, the Kohima Division President, Gonei-u Sirie asked the party workers who left the party for some amount of money where will they be in the coming 2018 election or which party they will work for.

He said that the NPF party can never be snatched away in this manner so the party will remain intact and face the coming general election.

The meeting was attended by the leaders of the 8th Western Angami A/C representing from Central, Division, A/C and Unit levels.

Issued by,
Votso Peseyie

This Press Release was sent by atou liezietsu, who can be contacted at atouliezietsu13(at)gmail(dot)com.


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