Condemn the attitude of Noida Police


MSAD strongly condemn the attitude of Noida Police for not taking immediate action on the missing report of a Manipuri Student.

Pravish Chanam a 22 year old student from Manipur went missing from a concert at Greater Noida from September 8th 2017. A missing report was filed on 9th at knowledge park police station, Noida by his friend. There was no proper response and no necessary action was taken up from the police department. A complaint about the missing was reported to MSAD on 13th September by one of his friend residing in Delhi. MSAD went to enquire about the incident on 13th September at Noida police station. An area scanning and missing pamphlet was circulated from that day only.

On 14th September, the police informed about his death and stated that his body had already been cremated on 12th. The report further stated that he was found death around 5:30 on the next day of the concert on 9th September 2017 but it was not reported to the decease family even after lodging the complaint report to the police. It was also reported about the deceased being admitted in district hospital by unknown person after he was found unconscious but later fled from the hospital too. It was reportedly said from the postmortem report that on that evening he was found death with major injuries on his head and some part of his body.

Without informing or waiting for the claim of the body, the police have cremated the body and was left with the decease clothes to his family. It shows the height of negligence and irresponsible behavior of Noida police. Would they behave the same if that happens with other students from other part of India? MSAD suspect a conspiracy behind the police action and their negligence.

i) Who had killed Pravish Chanam?
ii) Why did the police cremate his body without the proper proceedings and the consent of his family?
iii) Why Noida police tried to cover up the murder of Pravish Chanam?

MSAD demands
1) The killer of Pravish Chanam must be arrested and should be punished immediately
2) All the responsible police personnel who tried to cover this case must be punished.
3) A proper investigation must be carried out by CBI.
4) The racist attitude of the authority must end.

PR secretary, MSAD
President, MSAD.

This Press Release was sent by MSAD Manipur, who can be contacted at msad(dot)manipur(at)gmail(dot)com.


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