Double beneficiary teachers set to face music


Imphal, October 19 2017: Altogether 11 teachers who were teaching at Higher Secondary Schools on contract basis were selected as SSA/RMSA teachers but they were still drawing salaries for teaching at Higher Secondary Schools.

With the deceit now coming to light, the teachers would be asked to pay back the salaries they drew secretively .

Altogether 707 Lecturers of Higher Secondary Schools who were recruited on contract basis were regularised by an order issued by the State Government on May 12 last year .

However, during verification ahead of regularisation of the 707 Lecturers, 18 of them were found to be working as Primary Teachers/Upper Primary Teachers/Graduate Teachers under SSA/RMSA, informed a source .

Further enquiry by Education Department revealed that the 11 out of the 18 teachers were enjoying double salaries on the capacity of being Primary/Upper Primary teachers and Lectures of Higher Secondary Schools .

However, the seven other teachers only drew salaries of Lecturers and did not draw any salary for being SSA/RMSA teachers .

Out of the 18 individuals, 17 were already teaching at Higher Secondary Schools on contract basis before they were selected under SSA/RMSA.

The other one was serving as PT teacher of SSA before joining service as a Lecturer of Higher Secondary School on contract basis .

Three other teachers who were already working as SSA teachers relinquished their posts before their service of Higher Secondary contract Lecturers was regularised .

Drawing double salaries in such manner is illegal and it contravenes Government service rules.

As such, the Government has initiated due process to take up legal action against the defaulting teachers .

Apart from dismissing the 18 individuals from being SSA/RMSA teachers who were among the Higher Secondary Lecturers whose services have been regularised, due process has been initiated to make them pay back the salaries drawn by 11 of them in illegal manner .

Moreover, monthly salaries entitled to them as Higher Secondary Lecturers have been seized until the salaries they drew in illegal manner are paid back in full .

The total amount drew by the 11 teachers illegally is Rs 39,38,156, added the source .

An order to pay back the salaries which the 11 teachers had withdrawn illegally was issued on September 15 this year.

The order was issued by the Principal Secretary of Education (S) .

Source: The Sangai Express


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