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‘Burning of Newspaper to protest is uncivilised mob culture’

Imphal, November 19 2017: Chief Minister N.Biren Singh commitment to eradicate mob justice in the state receives severe blow yesterday after youth wing of the BJP – (the party which he belongs to) burnt a popular Imphal based vernacular daily yesterday in front of their party office at Nityapat Chuthek here in Imphal to protest a write up in the newspaper which they term is a derogatory statement against Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

“If they felt it derogatory they could have approached to the right forum for complaint instead of burning the newspaper, after all they are a part of the ruling government”, said Ahongsangbam Mobi, President, Editors’ Guild Manipur (EGM) .

He said there are proper forums for complaints of misleading or derogatory statement published in newspaper like the Press Council of India (PCI) or the EGM or the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union or anyone who felt that they are being defamed by the content of the news then they can go to the law court.

“As president of the EGM I strongly condemn such act as it amount to encroachment to the Freedom of Press”, A Mobi said.

President of All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU), Wangkhemcha Shyamjai, while condemning the burning the newspaper said that burning of newspapers to protest is nothing but a kind of promulgating mob culture.

“As the media houses in the state are working in conflict zone with inevitable pressures from various corners, the AMWJU had framed a local adjustment to the ethics of the journalists provided by the Press Council of India.

As per the local adjustment we had appealed and requested all sections of people including political parties who are in power in the government to put up any grievances regarding publication of news to the AMWJU to settle the matter.

If it cannot be solved at the level of the AMWJU then the parties can go to the Law Court”, W.Shyamjai said.

Special Correspondent of Telegraph, Khelen Thokchom also term such act of BJYM, a youth wing of BJP Manipur Pradesh , as ‘Mob Culture” .

“Instead of going at proper forum they burn the newspaper, where is the promise of Chief Minister N.Biren Singh to eradicate Mob Culture from the state”, Khelen said.

Source: Imphal Times



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