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Minister Bishwajit calls on the needs for empowering women

Minister Bishwajit calls on the needs for empowering women of the society

Imphal, November 19 2017: RD & PR Minister Thongam Bishwajit today highlighted the importance of empowering women in bringing a peaceful and harmonious society.

“We need to empower our women to maintain peace in our society”, Bishwajit said while inaugurating the First North East India Regional women’s conference at Marwari Dharamsala hall here in Imphal.

The conference was organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Manipur chapter on the theme ‘Women’s Empowerment’ .

Speaking on the occasion Bishwajit further said women of the society should be provided proper education to improve economy of the country.

“Education is the key to development and the more the women are educated unemployment problem in the state will be solved”, Bishwajit maintained.

” Unlike in the past , women are doing very well in our state.

They are excellent in every field.

At government hospital we see good numbers of women doctor, many women have now started appearing the competition exams conducted by MPSC and maximum numbers are selected”, the minister added.

He further added that crime against women will also be reduced if proper educations are provided to the women of our society.

He also assures more secure workplace for women in the state.

On the other hand Bishwajit also stressed on the role of women in eradicating corruption from the society.

“Until and unless we didn’t solve women’s problem corruption will continue in our society”, Bishwajit said.

He further asserted that women’s participation is very much need for bringing development across the universe.

The inaugural session of the conference was attended by National president of Bharat Vikas Parishad Sitaram Pareek, Vice chancellor of Central Agricultural University, Iroisemba Dr M.Premjit Singh, National Additional Secretary General (NER) Bharat Vikas Parishad, Swadesh Ranjan Goswami, Regional Patron(NER) Dr S.Rajendra Singh ,delegates and members of the Bharat Vikas Praishad.

Source: Imphal Times



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