‘Imphal Evening’ is giving new lifestyle to Imphalites


Imphal, November 12 2017: The beginning receives some criticisms, but as the organisers are picking up more experience in the running of Imphal Evening – ‘the first night life in Imphal’, lifestyle of Imphalites is changing to a better direction.

Unlike the first couple of evening, when the night life was introduced, the venue which stretch Nityapat Chuthek to Khuyathong was seen pack with many stylist food stalls as well as other stalls showcasing some of the luxury items and toys for children.

Crowd has been reduced comparing the first couple of days and people, mostly families and outsiders including foreign tourist are seen relaxing at some of the food stalls design in indigenous way .

Rishikesh, a Manipuri friend working in Delhi as salesman says, he will give up his job at Delhi and will settled here in Imphal as the changes seen in the couple of months sees hopes for survival.

“I never knew that I will have place to relax with my family at evening in my birth place, thanks to whomever make this Imphal Evening success”, Rishikesh said.

Pritam Sharma, a non-Manipuri from Assam said that indigenous food available at some stalls like Thoiding, Bora are superb.

“What is more surprising is that I don’t see any rowdy, goons in the evening even though I am told that Manipuri youths are very hostile”, Pritam said.

“Newspapers reports about bomb blast and gun fight are now history, Manipur will surely be another paradise for the tourist”, Pritam, a sales executive of a Poultry farm from Beltola in Assam said to this reporter.

Helen, a friend of this reporter said that since Imphal Evening is introduced he can take out his wife and children for evening walk after hard day work.

“Before my wife and me would discussed problems about household chores and others as we stayed at the four wall room.

The discussion sometime landed into heated arguments.

But now as we enjoy evening to the beauty of the Imphal Evening , our love life has restored”, Helen said.

Source: Imphal Times


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