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A deceased person can save a living person through organ donation

IMPHAL | Dec 23 : Claiming that North Eastern region is lagging far behind when it comes to deceased organ donation, Dr. Sunil Shroff senior consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon, Madras Medical Mission, said that the time is right now to begin this noblest service in this region.

Dr Sunil Shroff stated this during a press conference on “Deceased organ donation” held at the auditorium of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute PVT. Ltd. today.

Highlighting the pros of starting deceased organ donation in Manipur, he said that once the organ donation and transplantation is started the infrastructure of hospital will be improved and the network between government and private sector will increase.

People of Manipur can stop worrying for going to other states for organ transplantation, he added.

The donated organ will belong to community not to hospital, he said.

He suggested that imparting awareness to masses on deceased organ donation is the stepping stone of promoting successful cadaver organ donation.

Defining the deceased organ donation and its advantages he said that “Deceased person is someone who is declared to be death by four doctors however their organs except brain functions for some hours by keeping in ventilated room. That deceased person can donate more than eight organs. Therefore a deceased person can save many lives who are suffering from dysfunctional of organs.”

“Every year in India around 90000 people died of road mishaps. And 67% of them are declared to be head injury. Moreover 4-8% of hospital death is due to head injury. These death bodies can recycle all other organs except brain,” he illuminated.

Instead of converting these bodies into ashes, it would be more valuable to save someone’s life, he observed.

Chairman cum Managing director of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd, Kh Palin, said that there is an acute shortage of organ and that around 2 lakh kidney is required every year in India but only 7000 kidneys are being donated annually.

Manipur is the second state in North Eastren India after Guwahati where kidney transplantation has been successfully performed.

So far Shija Hospital had done 17 kidney transplantations and out of that four were from Nagaland, he revealed before suggesting for mass awareness about deceased organ donation.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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