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State CSOs meet Amit Shah and R N Ravi regarding framework agreement

IMPHAL | Dec 23 : The CSOs of the state met BJP president, Amit Shah at his residence quarter at 8 pm yesterday at 11 Akbar Road for around 30 minutes to discuss about the prevailing issues surrounding the ongoing Framework Agreement.

A joint release by UCM, CCSK and AMUCO said that the CSO’s asserted in the meeting that it would be the correct step to resolve the framework agreement by keeping in consideration the sentiments of the people, and that the CSOs will not allow the framework agreement to harm the interest of Manipur on any grounds.

It was clearly informed to the BJP president in the meeting that the government of India must give respect to the long existing, historical and political identity of Manipur and try to resolve the matter under the given circumstances or there would be no other alternative means of arriving at a resolution, it said.

The fear about the dire consequences of taking one sided measures without the consultation of the people and the government of Manipur which would be worse than the event of 2001 was expressed to Amit Shah, and that the centre would be solely responsible if anything as such occurs, the release added.

It was appealed that the central leaders of BJP must never forget about the sacrifice of 18 lives as a result of extending the cease fire by LK Advani, against the wishes of Manipur, it continued. The CSOs urged him not to make one sided resolutions and not to repeat history again, the release said.

From his side, Amit Shah assured that the conditions stated by the CSOs towards the PM, HM and the points included in the memorandum to be submitted to the PM will be discussed, it informed.

It was further stated by the CSOs that the Framework agreement should not be brought forth if it is going to affect Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, the release said adding no final drafts of the framework agreement should be made without the consent of the public and the state governments.

Continuing today, the representatives of the CSOs met the interlocutor of the agreement, R N Ravi from 10 am to 11. 30 am, the release said. The interlocutor was made aware of the fact that everything that relates with the issue must be thoroughly considered before, in order to resolve it and that there are no other alternative means, it said. It was stated in the meeting that if the resolution being charted out is going to affect Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, then the people and the government of the mentioned states must be included as a part of making a resolutions and their interests must not be sidelined, the release further informed.

R N Ravi expressed that the interests of Manipur will never be compromised and that the paramouncy of the state will stay on, it said.

Upon asking how the centre is considering the paramouncy of the state, he made clear that it has not been finalised yet and remains as a tentative proposal only, that no formal proposals have been made, the release further informed.

An amicable and peaceful solution to the issue was also discussed from the side of CSOs, it said adding that it was assured, the stated points will be considered by the centre. He expressed that the meeting today was very positive and said there will need to hold such further meetings in the future.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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