No religion advocates any act that is contradictory to love, peace and harmony: Nemcha Kipgen


IMPHAL | Dec 10 : Social Welfare and Cooperation minister, Nemcha Kipgen today expressed that the basic beliefs of all religions are of love, peace and harmony and there is no religion which promotes or advocates any act that is contradictory to love, peace and harmony.

The minister was speaking as chief guest at the First Tagaramphung Advent Christmas 2017, under the theme of ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’, held today at Tagaramphung (Yaikongpao), village ground, Kangpokpi district.

She also stated that believing in God or religion must be reflected in daily conducts that exhibits the love, peace and harmony.

‘In our society, Manipur in particular and the country in general, there is a strong need to reiterate the pivotal role of love, peace and harmony in our dealings with one another in such a manner that they are essential in the formation, upbringing and establishment of our society and intolerance has no room among us’, said Nemcha.

She further said, ‘We need to reiterate this through our own leadership and individual commitments for the improvement and development of our society and country as much as it is essential for the family and the individual’.

The minister also stressed on the need to contemplate the good virtues of any religions at the levels of various leaderships of different communities and confirm that the vital roles they play is never overshadowed by the selfishness of few people.

As part of the celebration, various churches of the district participated in the choral competition. T. Khullen Baptist Church was the winner of the choral competition, while first runner-up was bagged by Tagaramphung Baptist Church and second runner-up by Thadou Baptist Association (TBA), Kangpokpi.

The minister also wished the celebration of the Tagaramphung Advent Christmas to go a long way towards re-establishing the harmonious social relations and bring a new era of peace in the society.

SP of Kangpokpi district, M. Pradip Singh, speaker of Advent Christmas Programme, Reverend Vumthang Sithlou and representatives from various villages, churches and church institutions were part of today’s celebration.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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