Forensic report ‘proves’ MPSC exam unfair

Photo : MPSC

IMPHAL | Jan 13

A group of civil service aspirants, who didn’t clear the state civil service mains exam 2016, has appealed the government to investigate over the alleged fraudulent examiner claiming that the forensic test results conducted in Kolkata proved unfair examination of the answer scripts.

The Manipur Public Service Commission, MPSC declared the final result for the Manipur Civil Service Combined Competitive Examination, MCSCC 2016 in December, same year.

Convenor of the aspirant group Arbind Salam said, on suspicion of forged signatures by different persons other than assigned examiner, the candidate pursued on their independent capacity for verification five sample answer scripts were sent to Truth Labs: Forensic Services Kolkata on December 1 last.

The reports received on January 8 stated that out of the five signatures on the answer script, only three are of the same person while the remaining two raised serious doubt whether they are of the same person or not. Moreover the experts of the lab are willing to testify their findings in any court of law if summoned during the course of legal proceedings, said Arbind.

He said civil service examination of our state which is regarded as highest level of competitive examination is no more trustworthy. Most of the aspirants who wrote the mains exams but didn’t get through viva are suspicious that some biases are conducted in the selection process.

He said around 275 candidates who flunk in mains exam suspiciously asked for paper checking through RTI. The candidates who got their RTI copies of the answer scripts observed that there is a wide variation in the signature of the examiner of the essay paper which according to the Manipur public service was evaluated by only one examiner.

He said “We really wanted to send more paper to the lab but the cost of verifying the signature is very high as it charges Rs. 5000 per paper.”

He appealed the present government to consider the suffering of the Manipur civil service aspirants otherwise credibility of this commission would be lessened. He also appealed the MPSC to explain the need of engaging other persons other than examiner for the evaluation.

The group hoped that the government will deliver justice to them.

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