MPSC conundrum: Public discussion urges to respect judiciary decision


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Imphal, May 12 : A one day public discussion on the crisis of Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) and of the fate of the Manipuri youths today urges the commission to respect the decision of the judiciary for making democracy meaningful. The public meeting also urges the judiciary to act with courage by suggesting all sort of action necessary for contempt of court.
The one day public discussion was organised by the Parents Forum, Group of Aspirant MPSC and was moderated by Dr. Dhanabir Laisharam. Resource persons attended in today’s discussion were S. Kunjabihari, Retd. IAS, Advocate Ch. Momon , RTI Activist Wahengbam Joykumar and Convenor of the Joint Students’ Committee Ng. Millan. L. Henthoiba, Spokespersons of the MPSC Aspirant candidates also spoke on the occasion and deliberated on the issues arises in the proceeding of the MPSC examination which he alleged series of irregularities being traced out. He also produced documents which prove the irregularities being committed to the conduct of the examination.
Today’s discussion mainly focuses on how to correct the wrong in the MPSC. After thorough discussion 3 resolutions were adopted. The resolution urges concern authorities of the MPCS starting from the peon till the Chairman to follow the rules which gives complete autonomy to the MPSC under Article 315 of the Constitution of India.
The second resolution urged the MPSC to respect the decision of the Judiciary to uphold the democratic practice in the country as well as urged the Judiciary to have the courage in doing the needful which any authority fails to follow its ruling.
The third resolution urged the Enquiry Committee formed under the directives of the Judiciary to sincerely conduct the enquiry without any biasness.
It may be mentioned that the Groups of Aspirant Candidates of MPSC (Main) Exam 2016 filed a petition to the Supreme Court of India regarding the irregularities and following that the Supreme Court in its order dated 12/04/2018 has held that the answer scripts of all the candidates who participated in the MPSC (Main) Examination be examine by the enquiry committee.
Earlier, High Court of Manipur constituted an enquiry committee on November 21, 2017 to look into the answer scripts in the face of several irregularities alleged by the petitioners.
Some successful candidates filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court of India during the process of enquiry challenging the directive of High Court and further appeal to restrict the scope of the enquiry to the petitioners, 44 candidates, who had approached the High Court.
The Supreme Court issued an ex-party intern order on January 11, 2018 with observation that the enquiry be limited to the 44 petitioners where the petitioners with the objective for farer and complete justice approached the Supreme Court challenging the special leave petition with the prayer to ensure the enquiry be conducted as directed by the High Court.
The Supreme Court had observed that there has been quite a few irregularities, after going through the report submitted by the enquiry committee of the 44 petitioners.
After considering the matter on April 12, 2018, the special leave petition has been disposed of as per the direction of the High Court order dated November 21, 2017.
The enquiry committee is now instructed by the Supreme Court to enquire the answer scripts of all the 1068 candidates who appeared the examination and order to complete the task within six weeks and settled the matter at the earliest by the High Court.
However, as of now the directives of the Supreme Court has not been converted into action.
Kishan mention that the petitioners have challenged the said examination with the hope to quash the whole examination and further to fix accountability to those who are responsible for the inflicting illegalities and irregularities in the conduct of examination to punish those responsible persons as per the provision of low.
“We won’t approach to the government anymore, they are not only dumb but also blind to see the facts and truth”, Kishan said.
Until the exam is quash and criminal proceeding is put upon those responsible persons, the petitions will fight for their rights even if they have to approach supreme court, Kishan asserts.


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