BJP National Committee to inspect K-Pro’s Loktak cleansing project today


The initial projection of the project cost of Rs. 224 crore has now run into Rs. 300 crore due to project run-over, delay and cost overshoot.

The report further quoted reliable sources as revealing that K Pro Infra Works Private Limited is owned by a top Congress politician’s son.

Laying out the charge-sheet against the chief minister on irregularity and misappropriation of the project fund to NNN, the State BJP president has revealed that K Pro Infra Works Private Limited is not an appropriate company for such a huge project and is a dubious one at that.

An inquire as to why K Pro Infra Works Private Limited has used the machinery of LDA rather than using its own is one of the objectives of the visit too, said Shantikumar.

After the Central team had returned from inspecting Loktak lake project, they will have an interactive session with the State BJP leaders at its office. The team is also scheduled to interact with civil society leaders and intellectuals of the State.

Shantikumar has informed that before February 20, State BJP is set to launch a series of rallies and agitations from the unit and the block levels right up to the district and the State levels against corruption and price rise.

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