Miss Manipur 2011


Leader Writer: Paojel ChaobaThe Miss Manipur contest 2011 which was supposed to be held with pomp and full razzmatazz was postponed due to unpredictable weather. The contest remains a much hyped event and it is always a capacity crowd which gathers to see who will be conferred the Miss Manipur title.
It is a fact that events displaying ‘Beauty’ is always endorsed by the public, mainly by the youths of the state. The contest highlights the qualities of the feminine gender, beauty with brains, compassion, a sacrificing spirit etc. Sadly, the crowd and the contestants and organizers were left sorely disappointed.
In contrast to the splendor and beautiful aspirants which would have enthralled the crowd if the contest had taken place, the vicinity of Imphal is unluckily not so much to look at, and it displays nothing but dust and grime.
Let alone the unsavory sights, the public is suffocated by the dust and smoke. The development works carried out presently along the Nagamapal stretch, Keisampat and Sagolband areas have brought with it several health issues which are left unaddressed by the state government as of present.
Since the rains have arrived, the situation is further aggravated as the roads have become a nuisance for public travel, one cannot walk the roads without getting splashed by a passing vehicle, the mud and silt have caused frequent accidents to motorists and one cannot judge the depth of a pothole filled with water.
The Nambul and the Imphal river are still filled with floating garbage and the quality of the water has become highly questionable.It is safe to say that the Manipur Pollution Control Board remains for namesake only and the officials’ only concern is when their pay will be released. Aside from the state media highlighting the environmental issues, one hardly sees any notification from the MPCB that the pollution level has gone up or the waters of so and so river has become contaminated. One wonders what sort of reports the MPCB must be handing over to their counterparts at the Central Pollution Control Board, it can be assumed that according to the MPCB, there is no pollution at all (air,water,noise etc.) in the state.
The state government needs to look into the matter as in the name of development, the health of the public cannot be put at risk. Machiavellian politics, a politics guided exclusively by considerations of expediency, which uses all means, fair or foul, iron or poison, for achieving its ends cannot be implemented in the state. The present state of affairs in the state clearly indicates the manner in which the state government is conducting its governance.
In the name of development,many projects have been initiated.The Naga Nullah Project which encompasses a stretch from Khuyathong to Keisampat, road widening of Sagolband road etc which in its wake have brought several negative health issues .The projects should be completed within a time bound schedule as the longer the delay, more health problems of will affect the residents.The Chief Minister`s once in a blue moon schedule to oversee the projects will have scant effect and will not put matters to paid.
A lesson can be learnt from MLA of Andro constituency Th Syamkumar who being a non congress MLA manages to complete construction of a community hall within 22 days and inaugurate a water supply scheme built within two months time. If the MLA can complete such projects in such a short time, then what hiccups do the Congress led SPF ministry have in completing the Naga Nullah,the RIMS road pipeline project, blacktopping the inter city roads etc,when the funds are already deposited in the accounts of the concerned departments.The pressure groups who are addressing humanitarian issues including removal of AFSPA should also urge the government for the speedy completion of such projects or put the erring contractor to task, otherwise the notion that the sons of the soil are also involved in the contract works may as well be true.
The JAC culture which arises in the backdrop of an issue perpetrated by personnel of the Home Department from time to time can be taken up another notch higher and JAC of completion of the development projects may as well be instituted in the interest of the general public.
The state government needs to take a firm stance and acknowledge that the health of its public is indeed its true wealth.


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