SHDDC rejuvenates injured supporters; warns `worst still to come`


IMPHAL, October 8: The Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) has warned the state government to make preparations to take responsibility for all unfolding incidents if it delays the inauguration of Sadar Hills as a full fledged district any further.

The warning was issued by the SHDDC members during ‘Lhalho Kin’ a customary rite of the Kuki community marking the felicitation and encouragement of those injured during the agitation of the SHDDC, held today at a community hall at Ganom Saparmeina SDO complex.

According to Shenpu Haokip of the information and publicity wing of SHDDC, the ‘Lhalho Kin’ is a customary rite of blessing for perpetual and longevity of life normally performed when any untoward or unfortunate incidents took place upon individuals and added further alleged that the security forces had meted out inhuman atrocities even upon the young and old women during the agitation.   

The rite is also an act of acknowledging one’s contribution as well as an encouragement for one’s sacrificing service, he further added.

All the injured individuals especially womenfolk during the agitation of the SHDDC were present during the programme.

The gathering which also comprises of executive members of SHDDC, ADC chairman, SAHILCA, Sadar Hills Women Union, KSO Sadar Hills, Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, TSA, Gorkha Nepali leaders unanimously agreed to render unabated sacrificing service for the cause of Sadar Hills Districthood inspite of all suppressive designs of the government and security forces.

At the same time, to intensify the ongoing agitation even to the extent of shedding more blood.

The gathering acknowledged the concerned of the Army/Assam Rifles authority for justice by instituting the army court of inquiry over the atrocities and inhuman acts of 43 Assam Rifles on the women during a recent incident, said Shenpu.

However, the people here wants the inquiry to conduct its sittings in Sadar Hills either at Kangpokpi or Gamnom Saparmeina Police stations in view of the threat perceptions to the leaders of the SHDDC from state agencies as well as the state sponsored bodies. It will also enable the leaders to present or produce witnesses and evidence as desire by the court of Inquiry, he maintained.

The gathering also unanimously agreed to issue warning to the government for all unfolding incidents if it further delays implementing the demand of the SHDDC, further asserted Shenpu.

Delivering his speech during the function, Tonghen Kipgen, general secretary SHDDC, said the government will be mistaken if it is of the concept that the agitation of the SHDDC will slow down gradually. He informed that today’s function is rejuvenation for its next level of agitation. 

Ngamkhohao Haokip, president SHDDC maintained that the sinister design unleashed against the women folk of Sadar Hills has failed and the people lived to fight for another day. “This is a positive sign that God is with us” said the president.

He called on the people to remind themselves the vow of a united fight until the demand of the Sadar Hills people is fulfilled, adding that the warrant issued against the leaders is an indication that the agitation this time had shook the government.

He warned the people that the government will use all possible ways to subdue the agitation taking advantage of the upcoming general election, adding he warned the people of Sadar Hills to be alert of divisive policy of the government during this period.

Clarifying on why the SHDDC leader abstain from attending the army inquiry, he said that it might be a trapped laid by state government and the aspiration of the people will be lost if the government succeed with its plan.   

“As we are now in the third phase of our agitation, it is time we act and not talk” said Ngamkhohao.

Vahchin Haokip, secretary SAWA, said “The women of Sadar Hills are not deterred by the recent incidents of unleashing terror against the women by AR personnel and will continue to confront any forces until our dream is realized”.

The women folk at any cost are against the idea of sending our leaders to attend army inquiry at Imphal she said, adding in case of any unwanted incidents arising due to issue of the warrant the women will not remain as silent spectators.


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