Home department has failed to utilize a single rupee from its annual allocated plan money: official report


IMPHAL, November 14: Apprehensive that various state departments will be unable to utilize the full plan size allocated to them before the end of the current financial year, the state planning department has instructed the concerned departments in the state to accelerate their plan money utilization so as to enable the use of their full allocated plan money, a reliable source has informed.

A recent expenditure review meeting chaired by the chief secretary DS Poonia and attended by the administrative secretaries of all departments had scrutinised the plan expenditures of the current financial year by the departments, the source added.

The state government has showed concern over the failure of most departments to utilized even 50 percent of their total allocated fund even though the current financial year has passed its half stage, the source further informed and added that the centre has allocated Rs 2600 crores as plan size for the running financial year 2011-12.

Of the total Rs 2600 crore, the state departments have been able to utilized a mere Rs 317.73 crores till October 2011, the source further informed.

The meeting had further observed that the failure of the state departments to utilize even half of the total plan size shows that the departments have failed to implement developmental projects, the source added.

According to a report of the education department tabled during the meet, the department was allocated Rs 7517 lakhs for the current year.

The department has been able to utilized just Rs 1444.19 lakhs which stands at just 19.21 percent of its allocated fund size.

Meanwhile, according to the report of the power department, the department was allocated a total of Rs 134.98 crore of which the deparmtnet has utilized only Rs 40.81 which is just 30.12 percent.

The source has further informed that according to the IFCD report tabled during the meeting, the department had received Rs 262.25 crores for the major and medium irrigation sector of which the department has been able to utilize Rs 35.30 crores which is just 13.46 percent of the allocated plan size.

The source further informed that the flood control had been allocated Rs 46.22 crore, however the expenditure stands at Rs 0 till the end of October.

The home department had been allocated a total of Rs 20 crores, however the department has failed to utilized a single rupee of its allocated plan size till October end, the source further informed.

The meeting has further instructed the major departments including works, health and family welfare, finance, higher and technical education, agriculture and various others to submit their expenditure report to the state planning department before the next review meeting, the source informed.


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