Pranskster turns out to be helper


IMPHAL, November 17: A man after getting prank calls on his mobile phone since last afternoon from a person identifying himself as a militant cadre traced the phone number and found out that the prankster is none other than a local boy who has been helping him in harvesting his paddy.

The man identified as Ningthoujam Mangilal, 37, s/o (L) Bapu of Heinoubok informed media persons that he has been receiving calls on his mobile phone since 12 noon yesterday from a person who identified himself as a militant cadre.

He further informed that the caller has been asking him to come out as his party has to solve some issues with him, on his he answered that the caller could have mistaken him to be someone else. However the caller yelled back at him and started threatening him.

He received multiple calls afterwards asking him to come to Patsoi, he further informed.

Angered and at the same time surprised over the repeated calls, Mangilal tried to find the caller and trace it back to the lad who he identified as Naorem Imo, 27, s/o (L) Kunjamani of Patsoi part I. he further informed that Imo used to help him in his harvesting his paddy some days back.

He himself went to Imo’s Patsoi residence this morning and later handed him over to the Women Welfare Association Heinoubok, he further informed.


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