Tin Fish being sold beyond Expiry date


IMPHAL, January18: In the society there are many products which purchase as daily requirements, but mostly not concern to check the expired date and labeling of the product, if found the product is expired the customers  have the tendency to return back their products or complain against the company or the shop for selling such products in the concern authorities.
Speaking at a press meet at the Health Directorate today, Tekcham Brojendro Khaba, Deputy Director said that he found “Sea Cherry Mackerels” tin fish cans with bad odour in a shop at Nongmeibung. He came to know through a customer that the shop is selling products which have passed their date of expiry. On further inquiry, he found that the Sea Cherry Mackerels had an expiry limit of 18 months from the date of manufacture and informed that he seized all the Sea Cherry Mackerels from the shop which were displayed to the media.
He further said that while buying any products, customers should check the lot, code, batch identification but these mandatory labels were missing from the tin fish cans. Further mentioning that packed food items should be air tight and without any leaks, Brojendrosaid that leaks in packaging can lead to infections e by safaphylococus aureus, salmonella and shigella, vibro cholerea, vibro parahaemolyficus, clostridium perfringens which can cause the consumer to suffer from anorexia, fever and lead to other life threathening infections.


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