Kuki civil bodies oppose KTU, NSCN/GPRN decree


KANGPOKPI, July 25: The Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills and various other Kuki civil bodies has taken a stand against the Naga militant outfit KTU NSCN/GPRN`s activities within Sadar Hills and warned them to back off from the administrative areas of Kuki dominated Sadar Hills district.

Chungkam Haokip, Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills president while speaking to this correspondent here this afternoon said that, KTU GPRN/NSCN – one of the Naga militant outfits of People’s Republic of Nagalim, served a meeting circulation under the letterhead of Govt. of The People’s Republic of Nagalim, Office of the KTU, Senapati Unit, KTU, NSCN/GPRN signed by one Thangboi, unit in charge, KTU NSCN/GPRN for Kuki chiefs of Changoubung, Hengbung, Taphou Kuki and Kailenjang on July 17 and 25 respective without mentioning any agenda at Senapati bazar.

He elaborated further that, as instructed by the Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills; chiefs of the four Kuki villages which lies between Kangpokpi and Senapati desist attending the meeting summoned by the KTU, NSCN/GPRN in their earlier circulation served to them without mentioning any agenda.

The second meeting circulation was served again to the four chiefs on July 25, 2013 at the same place and without mentioning any agenda to be discussed, said Chungkam Haokip, while adding that the four Kuki chiefs were again asked to refrain from attending the meeting since the Kuki Inpi is not in a position to accept any activities carried out by any element without the consent of the apex body.

The Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills president pointed out that, the movement of the Naga militant outfit KTU NSCN/GPRN is a clear and visible evil ideology of communal conflict by the NSCN-IM which is totally against the Kuki community and make his stand clear that the Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills as well as the Kuki civil bodies will defy any vested individual or unwanted element who attempt to disturb and hassle with the peace loving communities and its peaceful environment within Sadar Hills and will not entertained any activities carried out by KTU NSCN/GPRN within Sadar Hills.

“Unfortunately, notification has been served particularly to the Kuki passenger bus plying between Senapati and Imphal demanding to pay annual tax by July 25, 2013 which clearly signify the communal mindset of the outfit”, said Chungkam Haokip while adding that due this fact, Sadar Hills Women Union and other civil bodies today called upon the Senapati to Imphal bound passenger bus owners and drivers at Gamgiphai and explained clearly the communal mindset of the Naga militant outfit KTU NSCN/GPRN towards their fellow Kuki bus owners and drivers and asked them to refrain from service until amicable solution is brought.

Same has been done by the Kangpokpi Youth Union at Kangpokpi and subsequently all passengers buses plying between Senapati and Imphal along NH-2 have cease their service with immediate effect said the KISH president while adding that service of Senapati to Imphal bound passenger bus along NH-2 will not resume until a solution is brought.

Chungkam Haokip further mentioned that earlier, the two umbrella organizations of various Kuki militant outfits, UPF/KNO issued a press release stating that no organizations will be allowed to carry out any kinds of activities within the Kuki dominated areas without the knowledge of the two organization and the civil bodies.

KTU, NSCN/GPRN has been seriously warned to back off by the Kuki civil bodies and asked them not to further disturb the four villages while adding that if the KTU, NSCN/GPRN militant outfit in any case continue to disturb and harass any of the four Kuki chiefs which they frequently summoned for a meeting in future, they will not tolerate and take every possible steps for the safety of the peace loving communities and the prevailing peaceful environment.

The Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills also appealed to the United Naga Council and other Naga civil bodies as well as other light-minded persons to initiate and get involved in the matter to bring out peaceful solution before things turn ugly in the interest of the tribal uprightness.


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