ANSAM demands cancellation of MCSCC prelims exam


IMPHAL, May 22: It has once again been demonstrated to the people of Manipur that the highest recruiting organ of the Government of Manipur cannot be trusted to carry out its mandate with integrity, efficiency and acceptability as 16 questions in the Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination, 2014 held on April 24, 2014 have been boldly declared invalid by the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) and all candidates have been awarded full marks for these invalidated questions, conveyed it in a press release.

It said 16 questions out of a total of 200 questions constitute 8 %.

The All Naga Students’ Association Manipur on Thursday conveyed the above statement in a press release and further mentioned that it is a competitive exam, where the best are to be selected and an academic test for awarding pass marks to those who cross the minimum merit bench mark. Therefore instead of a possibility of scoring 100%, the candidates have been made to compete for only 92% marks reducing the competitive area by 8%. This cannot happen anywhere but only in Manipur and under the stewardship of the infamous MPSC.

To top this incredibly ridiculous stunt, the MPSC declares the result in 2 phases – the first on the May 14, 2014 declaring 470 candidates as qualified and the second with an addendum on May 16, 2014 whereby another 290 candidates were “also declared qualified”. What was the sanctity of the declaration of the 470 candidates as qualified in the first notification and what was the consideration in declaring the other 290 candidates in the next? No stretch of imagination can understand how this blatant inconsistency can be justified, it said.

Having placed the above observations in the public domain, it is demanded that the whole Examination in question be scrapped and a fresh exam conducted at the earliest. The career and future of meritorious candidates are at stake. The administration and development machinery, the key functions in any government are at a stake. The people, the stakeholders cannot be taken for a ride. The responsible officials must be booked and the damage caused must be rectified through a fresh examination, it said.



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