Thank you all editors so much for that column focusing on “Irregularities in the Selection of College Principals published during the second week of March 2015 in Peoples Chronicle, subsequently later in the Imphal Free Press and finally came out on Kanglaonline on the last week of the month. Whole the month in all news papers it has been discussed in a great detail. That was really thought provoking and heart-robbing! A real discussion that really wakened up each and every individual in our society! Please keep it up. Keep on writing such innovative and informative masterpieces. We really appreciate you sir! That shall, no doubt, be an award winning article! Because, it is so forceful! So fantastic that could ever change the people’s mindset, moved the society and what to say, a guide for the younger generation of the State.

My humble request is please donate this article to me and let me keep it in my small museum established near my small house. The beautiful literature you used may be, of course, your inborn qualities, quite exceptional and worth appreciating!  My vocabulary shall be so poor even to express my deep gratitude to you for your bountiful heart stealing colloquist and superb. My words are not sufficient to make this appreciation!

It is very good that at least people began to study and aware of the Academic Performance Indicator as set out in the UGC Guidelines 2010. But, out of 49 qualified candidates applying for the said 25 posts of principals, Govt. Colleges, only three were produced on your open forum for discussion and their performances were discussed one by one, points by points, looking every nook and corners, giving all relevant data. I really appreciate your style of analyzing candidates leaving behind nothing un-criticized/unturned about them.  But, why were the others not brought into the picture? Had all those 25 posts were occupied by these three nonsense people? Why these three only are considered idiots for unnecessarily working beyond the limits of others and criticized! Why these three idiots are doing at least some academic contributions relevant or not relevant while all their colleagues are sleeping and even snoring heavily day and night after eating, drinking and nothing or everything.

What the hell these idiots are to make the whole system disturbed, chaos and confusion! What the stupid works they do by making everyone hue and cry and even crying teachers openly in the public. What a stupid these idiots are to break the silence of the teaching community in Manipur. What a bloody fools they are for making conflict in the very peaceful atmosphere of the college teachers since the last two decades. What a nonsense they are to annoy and make furious to others including media and others. How dare these nonsense teachers to serve for the society by taking up such nonsense projects on which credits were given unnecessarily by the experts! What a naughty boys these three idiots are to write even at least ABC Alphabetical Books for beginners or even at least rewriting or translating BA BA BLACK SHEEP while other their friends are laughing heartily at them, spitting at their backs. What a fool they are to write at least a poetry or play to give new message to the society while their colleagues are back biting on them. What nonsense they are to contribute such academic contributions to the society as compared to those knowledgeable teachers who never did so. What a bullshit this naha macha to write a play and to receive prize in the All India Level Competitions. This nonsense should always be vanished. His image should be erased forever. How dare he to claim his API more than 1000 scores for the recruitment; why this Oversmart Nahamacha disturbs the whole system?


Thank you hundreds of thousand times for writing this very important and forceful news story, sir. Thanks to the publisher for publishing it in the interest of the general public, thanks to all your crew members for producing it to our society successfully. Thanks all who involved in the publication for this amazing column and wonderful platform for discussion.

But Sir, it will be more interesting and even more wonderful and amazing column of your esteemed newspaper if you kindly collect all documents of those 46 remaining candidates who did not submit any API and suffered the Experts to find at least some documents on which marks may be awarded! That discussion focusing on issues why those 46 remainders who are smarter than the American Sixth Graders and who skillfully escaped from charging, blaming, criticizing, targeting and everything everyday in the esteemed columns, shall again be an award winning story. Please discuss the matter in your esteemed column why and how these intelligent remainders were not selected or wit fully exempted from selection and accordingly exempted from criticism and all sorts of defamations, especially in the media forum of the lawful land.

You may kindly highlight and make us understand elaborately as to why the experts who came down a long distance through luxury flight with huge expenditure went back without recommending candidates at least the exact number of candidates for the 25 seats ! The gentleman nominated by the UGC as the right person to do the needful who Tried – Tried again but at last failed to find at least some papers, even at least a piece of that paper  as documents or likely to be documents on which marks can be awarded anyhow by hook or crook or by dolphin sleep at least to uplift them to the minimum of 400 API points by dipping the whole of his pen into ink and writing in bold and even bolder letters to make all candidates eligible and return happily to his home and told his wife and children the glory of Manipur, the land where Maichous were born, the stories of 7 such maichous and get himself proud of recommending all 49 candidates to see their lucks at the DPC for 25 posts.

Please discuss in details without leaving behind any legs and hands of those also and publish in another day as editorial elaborately focusing on how they were not selected even when there are still 23 remaining posts where they could exercise their freedom of choice, why they feel reluctant to occupy the prestigious positions. That will be very fantastic and more award winning than that of the 17th instant. You may also kindly produce the facts and files why those rejected candidates were still so reluctant to pick up any of the remaining 23 seats and get themselves free from any criticism. You may also kindly include some part on why they remained silent at that time when chances for occupying the 25 posts were open to them and now, why they are making such hue and cry only after three have occupied the three seats and 23 still remained unoccupied. Why they were so reluctant to claim their API at least just up to 401 points anyhow so that they can be awarded 400 points and “1 mark can be omitted” by the Billy Bully experts nominated by the UGC and MPSC. Or, you can insult that mayang macha for pretending to be as considerate by picking up only three with as much relaxation as he could. You may also discuss how difficult would the expert feel in finding at least 25 candidates who are equally or more or less the same as these three idiots? Let them be blamed, let that pangan macha be more blamed ; let him be even more targeted ; more spoken against; more beaten up to one’s content; more threaten up for claiming his API beyond the limits of others.

What a corrupted Government who could not look after all candidates equally by rejecting all or by selecting all in the API. How corrupted the Minister is for unnecessarily requesting the UGC New Delhi to nominate one such expert who cannot even select candidates for all 25 seats or null. Why this Commissioner is so corrupted in corruption by corrupting only three from corruptible twentyfive positions. He must be removed as he is not so expert in corruption. He must be so idiot who corrupts all files of corruption. The corrupter of corruption must be vanished from the soil of Manipur. He who tries to root out the system of corruption must be rooted out. He just missed the chance of corruption from everyone by bringing only three idiots including that pangan macha who is seen everywhere – in the film, in the Art & Culture, in the Archaeometry, in the Television, in the Radio, in the newspapers, in the religious occasions, in the social issues, in the Quiz Competitions, in the Minority issues, in the Majority issues, in everywhere. He must be vanished.

What irregularities the expert made in giving marks to that pangan macha for carrying out a Government Policy Making Document Project while he awarded zeroes to those who did not do or even know about such projects. How irregularities he made in awarding marks to this pangan macha for communicating through e-mail one project under HMS, UK at this post – postal era, while no mark to those candidates who never ever claimed for such projects communicated even through handwritten letters. How irregularities he made by awarding 10 marks to two documents which were marked “can be omitted” and accordingly deducted the same marks from the total while he could not do so for those candidates who did not claim any such documents for which marks can be omitted and deducted from total.

What irregularities he made by omitting marks only but not the documents? Did he have rights to omit document claimed by the candidate rather than omitting marks for that? What irregularities he made while awarding marks to one Project which was initially under the MHRD and now transferred to the UGC whose outcome becomes a policy document for the Government. What irregularities he made in marking for a project benefitted to the State Archaeology Department on the basis of the certificate issued by the Joint Director of Art & Culture who at that time was the Superintendent of Archaeology. How dare him to make irregularities in the Guidelines framed by him. How fool is he to make fool of himself! How stupid the UGC to nominate that nonsense fellow rather than nominating by picking up any one of the so many teachers in Manipur, so many media persons, so many editors who are all well expert not in the field but above the field and far above the UGC and even far above the UGCs in the whole World. How dare that UGC nominated boy to assess API for candidates belonging to this land of Jewels the land in the world where no one is appreciated rather than selves, where those who never involved in academic contributions can speak as bold as frogs while criticizing those who really contributed and keeps on contributing, where those who could not claim(I mean not cross) API not even up to half of the minimum(200) points can shamelessly cry openly against those who have already crossed the minimum(400) points even after omitting many marks for those documents where the expert marked as “can be omitted”, where the people can be easily compelled by the moneylenders, blackmailers, black marketers,  etc  while the real intellectuals are the silent spectators. After all, those experts who faced unnecessarily so many difficulties, who did so many irregularities just to find out at least 25 idiots to save the prestige of Manipur should be beaten up. These three idiots who claimed API more than 400 and hence, selected and that one stupid from UGC should never be spared and should very necessarily be eaten up and finished up. Nonsense! how dared to pick up these three idiots among other useful candidates rather than rejecting all so that everyone would have been kept silent and happily live with their wives and sons and daughters out of the handsome salaries drawn every month peacefully at the promise of fulfilling the UGC conditions 2010.

Kindly publish the column in the public interest as your esteemed daily is the people’s chronicle- the mirror of the society. At the last part of your discussion you may kindly include at least one line indicating that API is mandatory for implementing the UGC scales and enhancement of age of superannuation. And, one more thing to remind you is that the College teachers are paid much higher than us and also they retire at the age of 65 years while other employees do not do so.

Once again! Please don’t forget to make that column see the light of the day! Please don’t forget to publish my letter also under the title – 3 IDIOTS & 1 STUPID. With best regards to those who saved the face of mother Manipur! Ema Leibaakna Yaiphare !




Yours ever awaiting,

Miss Shakhenbi Chanu


The article was cotributed by Miss Shak-henbi Chanu and can be contacted at: shakhenbi15(at)gmail(dot)com


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