Landing in yet another controversy Infamy clouding MPSC


Mark tampering to confusing instructions to candidates. And now allegations that there is no reservation for Scheduled Caste and the infamy of Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) is complete. Not at all acceptable. If what the All Manipur Scheduled Caste Association (AMSCA) has had to say is true then it should be clear that it is not a goof up but an indication of how sloppily the highest recruiting body of the State has been taking the Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive Examination and this is unacceptable. The AMSCA based their allegations on the ground that the cut off mark for the preliminary of the MCSCC exam was 171 for unreserved, OBC and SC candidates while for the Scheduled Tribe candidates it was 168. So how did MPSC come to the conclusion that the cut off or qualifying mark for the SC candidates can be clubbed together with the unreserved or general category ? Clearly something is amiss and it is this which has sown the seeds of suspicion to such an extent that the AMSCA has already questioned whether the MPSC is fit enough to conduct an examination to recruit the best brains in the State. Not surprising that the AMSCA has suggested that the task of conducting the MCSCC exam be handed over to a more competitive body like the Union Public Service Commission, till such time the MPSC sets its house in order.

The Sangai Express had already offered this suggestion a long time back and it should reflect on how lethargic the highest recruiting body in the State has become. Not at all acceptable. So far no one knows whether any disciplinary action has been taken up for the fiasco that one saw when the preliminary exam was held earlier, before it was cancelled following a hue and cry. It is this mindset that has to be set right. How can a body like the MPSC take things so casually that it had to come out with two diametrically opposing instructions to the candidates ? In cancelling the examination, the MPSC may be under the impression that the wrongs have been rectified but how about the labour of the serious candidates ? Did their labour all go in vain, just because the MPSC refused to apply its mind to the task at hand ? It has now gone beyond issuing confusing instructions to the candidates for now the AMSCA is openly accusing the MPSC of violating the Constitution of the country. Or if what the AMSCA has had to say is wrong then let MPSC do the needful and clarify its position. Remember it is not only about an examination but also about the future of numerous young candidates. No one should be allowed to toy around with the future of the young people.


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