Media war between Congress & BJP in Manipur


Samarjit Kambam

The poll for the Manipur Legislative Assembly is knocking at the door and newspapers are getting more and more devoid of charms with the two goliath political entities i.e. Congress & BJP splashing political maxims and slogans praising their own party in the mean time criticising the other, that also in the front of all newspapers of the state occupying almost the whole page. I wonder whether it is the right to information or right to misinformation which we are being privileged with. Well, the D-day is tomorrow. After a few days we will be witnessing the one which emerges triumphant and the one that bites the dust. RCW has brought out a speck of media war between the two parties:-
BJP : 15 years of Congress rule has turned Manipur into a Dystopia. We will turn it into a Utopia.
Cong: BJP doesn’t belong to Manipur and it never will be.
BJP : If we come to power, we will end the economic blockade on 13 March.
Cong: BJP are in cahoots with UNC and NSCN(IM).
BJP: Congress is the most corrupt political party.
Cong: BJP is the most big-mouthed political party.
BJP: What the Congress did in 15 years in Manipur, we can do it in 15 months.
Cong: To the BJP, one day is equal to one year.
BJP: Congress is a dynastic political party.
Cong: BJP is a party of gangs & thugs.
BJP: We welcome all political leaders of North East.
Cong: There is mayhem in North East because of the BJP’s opening their door wide open to North East political leaders.
BJP: The Congress is 10% commission while the BJP is 100% development.
Cong: The BJP is 100% authoritarian and 0% development.
BJP: BJP stands for “Corruption Free”.
Cong: Congress means “Progress”.
BJP: Weed out Congress. Save the nation.
Cong: No against BJP for a better India.
BJP: BJP illuminates India while Congress darkens India.
Cong: BJP hallucinates India and cuts India into pieces.
BJP: Congress loots people.
Cong: BJP has only bigger cages and longer chains for the people.
BJP: Lotus is beautiful, soft and tender
Cong: BJP has desecrated the National Flower of India. Now, lotus has become “beauty outside, beast inside”.
BJP: Power to the people
Cong: Power by the people
BJP: We’ll empower your future.
Cong: We are empowering your present.
BJP: Glory to BJP, Glory to India
Cong: Congress for a glorious India
BJP: Standing for a Digital India.
Cong: Basic needs first. No virtual bread, clothing & shelter.
BJP: Your mobile phone is your bank.
Cong: We will provide you real banks.
BJP: We are heading towards a Cashless Economy.
Cong: We’ll provide you real cash.
BJP: BJP stands for “Bharat Jumps to Progress”
Cong: Congress stands for “Progress Itself”
BJP: If in power, will provide job to one member of every family of Manipur by 2020.
Cong: If in power, will provide job to two members of every family of Manipur by 2019.
BJP: Congress has looted you for 15 years consecutively.
Cong: BJP has been unwanted by the people for 15 years consecutively.
BJP: 9 innocent lives were lost because of incompetency of Congress on ILP issue.
Cong: 18 innocent lives were lost during BJP’s rule at the Centre on Ceasefire issue.
BJP: We conduct public meeting keeping the voters at heart.
Cong: We don’t wear helmets during public meetings.
BJP: We don’t compromise on our values.
Cong: BJP politicians can be bought like packets of noodles.
BJP: It’s the beginning of the end for Congress in Manipur.
Cong: The BJP has no beginning nor ending in Manipur.
BJP: This time there’ll be BJP government in Manipur.
Cong: Manipur and Congress are inseparable.
BJP: Completion of NH 37 in 100 days.
Cong: 100 days=100 years for BJP.
BJP: Congress costs more and delivers less.
Cong: BJP delivers virtually, not in real world.
BJP: Congress uses money power & muscle power to win elections.
Cong: BJP creates fear psychosis to win election.
BJP: Haven’t you had enough of Congress Rule in Manipur?
Cong: BJP doesn’t know Manipur. They think that Manipur is a part of China.
BJP: Make Manipur great through BJP.
Cong: Manipur remains great because of Congress.
BJP: Help us to help you.
Cong: We help ourselves to help you.
BJP: We will overcome, we shall triumph.
Cong: We will emerge triumphant without overcoming.
BJP: Congress uses Black Power
Cong: BJP is a gang of Black Supremacists.
BJP: Congress sucks.
Cong: BJP sulks.
BJP: Vote for the Best. Vote for BJP
Cong: Nothing comes better than Congress for Congress is the best.
BJP: An everyday political party for everyday people.
Cong: Forever, for the people.
BJP: Get serious, get the best. Vote for BJP.
Cong: Why so serious when you have already the best? Vote for Congress.
BJP: Willing, ready and able to serve.
Cong: No time to get ready while serving people.
BJP: We break barriers, builds future.
Cong: The BJP breaks future and build barriers.
BJP: The People’s Choice
Cong: The People’s Part & Parcel
BJP: Listening to the voice of the people.
Cong: Proven leadership that listens.
BJP: We produce candidates with integrity, honesty and experience.
Cong: We produce candidates who serve the people.
BJP: Death to Congress.
Cong: RIP (Rest in Peace), BJP.
Bottomline: Politics is a game of histrionics. So, be well informed. Make your own decision. Don’t get influenced. Cast your vote to the candidate of your choice. Make your vote count.

Source: The Sangai Express


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