NPF condemns Imphal bomb blast


The Naga People’s Front vehemently condemns the dastardly act of some unidentified persons lobbing and exploding a powerful bomb at the residence of the NPF candidate for Phungyar Assembly Constituency K Leisiyo last evening at Imphal injuring 8 persons including the father of the candidate and causing heavy damage to properties. Such mindless act of terror is most detestable and should be condemned by one and all.

The NPF appeals to all sections of the society to ensure free and peaceful polling and campaigning in the true spirit of matured democracy and not to indulge in any act of violence which would only alienate the people further from each other.

While expressions of differences of opinions and views on public platforms are accepted norms of democracy, resorting to violent activities to convey one’s point of view is most unbecoming in a progressive society.

The NPF rank and file pray for the speedy recovery of all those injured, and also urge the authorities concerned to get to the bottom of the whole episode so as to bring the perpetrators to book without delay.

Issued by
Media & Press Bureau
Naga People’s Front, Central Office



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