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Fast-unto-death by SSUM and MPPDU leaders enters 2nd day; police picked them

Imphal, November 17 2017: Fast-unto-death protest by two leaders of Socialist Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM) and Manipur Proletrate Peoples’ Union (MPPDU) enters 2nd day today.

Naorem Tonaranjan, Convenor of SSUM and Nameirakpam Meghachandra, President of MPPDU began the fast unto death protest since 3 pm yesterday at their office premises at Tiddion Road Keishampat Laishom leirak.

They are demanding the government for framing of a legislation to safeguard the indigenous people of the state; constitutional protection for the integrity of the state and also to punish all those responsible in the hijacking of public properties.

Tonaranjan, while speaking to this reporter said that they will continue the fast unto death untill the demands are fulfilled.

When asked on who actually are those hijacking the public properties, Tonaranjan said that they are demanding to make available the share of rice and other items which are to be distributed under the Public Distribution System.

“The rich people can afford, but the rice and other items under PDS are very important for poor students like us”, Tonaranjan said and added that our share are being hijacked by some government authority and these people should be punished at any cost.

Noarem Tonaranjan is a 1st year BA student of Nambol Sanoi College.

He is the son of Naorem Ranjit and Naorem Ongbi Ranjta of Nambol Thiyam.

Nameirakpam Megahchandra, President of MPPDU while speaking to this reporter said that the government of Manipur had asured the people to frame a legislation which will be accepted by all communities for protection of the indigenous people of the state, however, nothing is done regarding the matter.

On the other hand, he also expressed about the need for constitutional protection of the territorial boundary of the state.

Meghachandra said that the two had sought permission from the district administration to allow them proceed the democratic form of protest but as the permission was not granted they began the fast-unto-death protest at the office complex.

Showing solidarity to the two protestors, large number of Meira Paibis from Leimajam Leikai yesterday joined them.

Today another group of meira paibi from Sapam Leirak and Sayang area came to show solidarity to the two activists.

Later, both the fast-unto-death protestors went at Keishampat Leimajam Leiak Community Hall continue their protest.

The meira paibis too showed solidarity by joining the protest.

Meanwhile, a team of Police picked the two protestors at around 3.pm.

Source: Imphal Times



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