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MPPDU, SSUM , POFM handed over 3 more Looms to 3 members of EEVFAM

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Imphal, May 12 : As promised on May Day, Manipur Proletariats’ People Democratic Union, (MPPDU), Socialist Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM) and Proletariat Feminists Movement (PoFM) today distributed three looms to three member of the EEVFAM.
Earlier the three bodies had handed over two Looms to two members of the widows of the victims of the fake encounter. With today’s distribution the three bodies had already rendered its support to five widows whose husband were killed in alleged fake encounter .
The Looms were handed over by the volunteers of the three organisation to Thangjam Leinou of Waikhong Awang leikai in Kaching district, R.K. Chaoba of Thanga in Bishnupur district and Akongbam Tombi of Langol Housing Complex.



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