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All Political Parties meet agreed to stand united in fighting crime against women

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Imphal, May 13 : All Political Parties meet organised by the Socialist Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM), Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU) and Proletariat Feminist Movement (POFM) at Manipur Press Club today afternoon has agreed to stand together while fighting for the right of the rape victims as well as against any sort of crime against women.
While crime against women such as incident of rape has been on the rise some specific incident at which powerful politicians were involved are left uncared in the state of Manipur.
State Unit President of the Bahujan Samaj Party , Kavita while expressing her view said that some alleged rapists who are now elected as representatives of the people are being protected in the state of Manipur while , even Ministers or MLAs of the same political party which is in power at the center had expelled or dropped the Ministerial berth for their alleged role in committing rape crime. She also questioned on why the people are silent on such issue where their representatives are involved in crime against women.
Congress representative Nameirakpam Jayentakumar , who is also the member of the State Legal department of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee said that the Congress Party has been voicing against any form of crime against women since the very long time. He said Youth Congress had staged protest demonstration on April 2 this year demanding punishment of rapists. On April 13, a candle lighting cum peace rally was demonstrated against the brutal crime against minor girls. On April 23 too the Congress Party had staged protest demanding punitive action against all rapists even though the rapist is elected MLA.
Lairenlakpam Bimola, General Secretary (Adm) of the Manipur Peoples’ Party (MPP) said that the political Party she belongs to has always been associating to any movement against any form of crime against women.
“Our Party may not have MLA in the state Assembly but our party will always stand for the cause of the common people”, she added.
Another member of the MPP Chanura Marup , Sanahanbi, while expressing her view said that political interference to any investigation on rape crime should be condemn by one and all.
Advisor of SSUM, N. Luwang Meitei said that the case regarding the involvement of an MLA of Sekmai Assembly constituency has been suppressing using every possible force as the said MLA belong to the ruling party. He said that even though there has been complaint and the victim girl had petitioned to the High Court, the police still failed to file charge sheet.
Regarding the case of Thanga Gang Rape case which occurred on February 13, this year at which one 14 years old minor girl was allegedly rape by 4 youths, the SSUM advisor expressed serious concerned as there are report of intervention by misusing police force in the course of the investigation.
Even though no concrete resolution on what to follow up has been adopted all members of the political party agreed to stand together while fighting any case of crime against women.
SSUM is organising to convene another meeting of all political party to discuss on what to take up by inviting members of other civil society organisation.



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