Poppy: Bane for society but otherwise for some


IMPHAL, Apr 17 : Opposite to Old Boljang village, poppy flowers bloom majestically across the mountain which undoubtedly were planted by one of the villagers.

Old Boljang village, located around 37 kms away from Imphal, falls under Kangpokpi district. For years, one villager has been engaging in illegal plantation of poppy as his means of income.

According to the villager, Old Boljang village has been deprived of every benefit provided by the Government.

Speaking exclusively to The Sangai Express, Setsat said, “I know plantation of poppy is illegal but we need to live, should’nt we? We need to find a way to feed our families.”

“I have heard of development works taken up by the Centre and State Government in radio and television. However, I have not seen any work undertaken for the welfare of the poor villagers till date,” he said.

Some villagers of Old Boljang would sometimes buy seasonal crop seeds from Khwairamband Keithel. They would sow the seeds harvested from the crops they have planted since they cannot not afford to go all the way to Imphal to buy the same.

The villagers said that if the Department concerned can organise awareness programmes and render assis- tance, the villagers can engage themselves in good agricultural practices.

Old Boljang village is located adjacent to New Boljang village and Satang village. Neighbouring villages are Huinekot, Khamenlok, Laphurat, Tingpi-bung, Sanakeithel, Utonglok, Mouyang, Moljol and Saikul. There is no mobile network connectivity in Old Boljang village. As such the villagers would go Dolaithabi to make a phone call.

Old Boljang village has one primary school. The nearest Primary Health Centre is located at Utonglok. Poor road connectivity and lack of potable water supply still plagued the villagers.

Source: The Sangai Express


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