Two dead in factional clash at Khoken village, one missing


KANGPOKPI | May 5: Amidst numerous highway crimes in Kangpokpi district, three persons allegedly from different militant outfits were abducted yesterday night at wee hours from Khoken village in New Keithelmanbi area under Gamnom Sapormeina PS, Saitu sub-division, Kangpokpi district.

Among the three abducted persons two were found shot dead near Boljang village early this morning in the same area while another one was in the custody of the abductor who later claimed to be the Kuki National Front, a SoO signatory under the umbrella of UPF.

Later, police recovered the dead body and deposited at RIMS morgue for post-mortem.

The dead bodies were identified as Satkholhun Haokip, 35, son of Letkholal Haokip of N Songpijang Village and Ngamlet Haokip, 41, son of Janglam Haokip of Thingbongjang village, Kangpokpi district, while the third one was identified as Jangkholun Haokip from Khoken Village.

It was reported that Satkholhun and Ngamlet went for fishing in Khoken area and stayed at the house of Jangkholun and were abducted at around 2:30 am yesterday night by Special Task Force (STF) of Kuki National Front (KNF), and the two lifeless bodies were found in the morning and Jangkholun is still in the custody of KNF.

The two deceased persons were active cadres of the proscribed People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) working in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant while Jangkholun is the PRO of Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA), a SoO signatory under the umbrella of KNO.

Meanwhile, claiming hand in the abduction and killing, KNF clarified that Satlhun and Ngamlet were given capital punishment owing to their intimidating activities in the operational area of KNF and their policy to sabotage the prevailing peaceful environment and till filing of this report Jangkholun is yet to be released.
A press release signed by LH Stephen, information and publicity secretary of KNF stated that the duo had harassed and meted out extreme grievances to former cadres of KNF in New Keithelmanbi areas on many occasion but were excused anticipating their rectification.

However, when two PRA cadres surrendered to KNF recently, it was learned that the duo had menacing strategies in Saitu sub-division to harm the peaceful environment and made policy of life attempt to various leaders of KNF.

It also clarified that the elimination of Satlhun and Ngamlet is not against any organisation or personal affairs but to safeguard the peaceful co-existence of all communities in area and cautioned individuals or organisations to refrain from every strategies to interrupt the peaceful environment in operational area of KNF.

The KNF also stated that while the UPF and KNO is having a tripartite talks with the governments so as to solve the vexed political issues of the Kukis, organisation sponsoring such Non-SoO groups like PRA only to disturb the environment and peaceful dialogue process should be refrained from such activities and warned all cadres of PRA from Saitu area to surrender before the outfit on or before May 17.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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